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World's First Stir Fry Packed Noodles with plant-based meat

​100% Vegan, no added preservatives or MSG

Braised Flavor

Black Pepper Flavor

Fried Sauce Flavor

Tomato and Mushroom Flavor

  • Vegan

  • Plant-based meat included (pea protein)

  • Retort Pouch Sauces added with Hericium erinaceus, mushroom, gluten etc.

  • Big portion of 215g

  • Traditional sun-dried noodles

  • Product of Taiwan

  • Specs:4 packs/bag

  • Net Weight:215g X 4

  • Content:Noodles 100g X 4, Sauce 115g X 4

  • Expiration Date:1 year unopened

  • Food Allergy Warning:This product contains soy bean, gluten and its product

  • Shown pictures are for your reference only


World's first stir fry packed noodles added with high quality plant-based meat (pea protein) of Taiwan


SuuSuu Noodle's plant-based meat is already cooked to perfection and sealed in the retort pouch, saves you all the trouble while ensuring the best quality

The pea protein plant-based meat decreases the chance of allergy and resembles unique minced-meat texture

SuuSuu Noodles requires room temperature storage condition

It is not only convenient,

but also environmental friendly


  • The manufacturers of our product are all certified by ISO and HACCP standards

  • ​SGS reports of our products show no trace of animal origin

  • Our products have also met other local food regulation

  • Distributor: Polymath Co. Ltd

  • Taiwan Food Business Registration Number:F-183593367-00000-7

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